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Businesses require a level of flexibility that the old style of agency work cannot carry out - which is why we developed the dedicated teams model. These teams become an extension of your own for the duration of the project, taking active initiative and working closely with your internal teams to make your vision a reality.

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What is the Dedicated Team Model?

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With modern cloud infrastructures, you can scale your service to the moon and back, unfortunately, the internal IT staff of most businesses isn’t nearly as scalable. Finding and hiring competent and driven software experts isn’t easy but hiring the right talent on a short-term basis is particularly difficult.

D3V helps businesses overcome performance, maintenance, and development bottlenecks by enabling businesses to support their IT infrastructure with a specialized group of developers and engineers dedicated solely to one business, this group is called a dedicated team.

A dedicated team is a scalable, cloud-certified workforce for your scalable cloud infrastructure with software engineers, devops engineers, and data scientists that have years of experience helping US-based businesses turn their creative vision into innovative solutions.

What Makes The Dedicated Team Model So Appealing for 2021?


In order to make the most out of your infrastructure, your team may require specialized knowledge of data science, cloud migration, cloud-native ecosystems, and more. However, it’s not always viable to teach specialized skills to team members for one-time events such as migration, setting up a data pipeline, or ML algorithms - nor is it possible for a single contractor to be master of all aspects.

Dedicated teams enable companies to make use of a highly specialized workforce without spending additional time and money on training. Rather than take on one jack of all trades, take on a team of masters that act as one.


The cost of short-term hires are usually not representative of the project length and contract hires will often cost more in the long-term.

A dedicated team helps bridge the cost-to-value discrepancy in traditional contract hiring methods by giving businesses a cost-efficient source of a competent and flexible workforce.

A dedicated team is a far better cost effective option for temporary roles while you find a permanent team, as well as can be less expensive than a single contractor with more efficiency.


One of the biggest challenges of hiring competent talent is the time it takes to find, screen, and onboard individuals. Even then, businesses need to spend time on orientation and management before the fresh hires can begin solving issues.

A dedicated team, on the other hand, is architected to solve problems right after the discovery sessions. Through years of experience, D3V engineers have developed practices that help them identify problems and suggest solutions right from the start.


In order to quickly shift resources to adapt to changing priorities and a volatile post-pandemic world, businesses need to be agile and have a flexible workforce.

However, most SMBs have a small workforce that slows their response to opportunities as well as disaster recovery. A dedicated team makes up for this by providing a scalable workforce that can grow or shrink to tackle challenges while the internal IT teams continue to work undisturbed.

How Does a Dedicated Team Work?

The dedicated team works alongside the company’s internal teams with effective communication and collaboration. The model can be summarized in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Through an initial discovery session, D3V consultants work with your team to identify their project requirements so that required specializations can be determined.

Step 2

D3V then recommends the best people for the right job from within the D3V talent pool and forms a team dedicated solely to your organization.

Step 3

A series of brainstorming sessions and meetings ensures us that the team is the right fit for the project as well as to build synergy. Once ambiguity is sorted about the scope of the project, the project commences.

Dedicated Teams for Special Projects

Special projects often require significant upfront investments, most of which goes towards a specialized workforce to carry out the project, such as:

Seeking external assistance as the need rises and falls for these types of specialists for special projects is neither quick or cost-effective. D3V offers a better alternative to traditional outsourcing and onboarding. With our highly specialized technical team, you can get your cloud-based projects off the ground without having to spend additional time or money on finding the right talent. All of the people you need are right here.

Onshore & Offshore Dedicated Teams

D3V offers both onshore and offshore dedicated teams depending on your unique business requirements. Both onshore and offshore members of our team bring years of experience, certifications, and in-depth knowledge of cloud services.

When it comes to our organization, the only real difference between the two is that offshore is more cost-effective, as productivity isn’t sacrificed with oversea workers. All of our offshore team members have been vetted, all have US certifications and many have worked and studied in the US. Regardless of which timezone you and the offshore member is in, we can guarantee a 4-6 hour workday overlap. We also understand that some companies feel more comfortable with solely on-shore and have certified team members across the continental United States.

Potential Dedicated Team Structures

Below are some previous team structures as examples, though we find that every organization slightly differs in their requirements:

Industry Dedicated Team Structure Team Roles
Retail 9 team members 1 Software/Cloud Architect
1 Team Lead / Project Manager
4 Software Engineers
2 DevOps Engineer
1 Big Data Engineer
Tech 1 team member 1 Software Engineer
Health Sciences 5 team members 1 Software/Cloud Architect
2 Software Engineers
1 Cloud Engineer
1 Big Data Engineer
Manufacturing 2 team members (+ temporary support) 2 Software Engineers
3rd Software Engineer for 3 months (then back to 2)

Next Steps

The first step in our onboarding process is determining which dedicated team structure for your organization. You can either tell us your exact requirements off-the-bat or we can assess the project, ask for preferences, and then strategize the most effective team structure, in terms of cost and time, for you to approve. Get in touch to start the process today.

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