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Cloud overtakes on-prem data centers in 2020-sees biggest growth in 10 years
Cloud overtakes on-prem data centers in 2020 - sees biggest growth in 10 years
HSBC and Google Cloud team up for a regulatory-focused chatbot
HSBC chooses Google Dialogflow to improve speed and overall quality of banking policy responses.
Major Cloud Providers’ Growing Assistance in the Climate Crisis
AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are increasing their support in providing the computing power scientists need to gain insights from the vast ocean that is climate data.
D3V Acknowledged for Dedication in B2B Cloud Space by Clutch, The Manifest and SuperbCompanies
D3V Technology Solutions has received three mentions acknowledging their local services in both the Dallas area and state of Texas.
The TikTok Controversy and its Foundation in Cloud Computing
TikTok and its data protection practices has been questioned by the US government, leading to the company being forced to move its data storage onto US soil through acquisition from an American tech organization.
Microsoft Wins Pentagon’s JEDI Cloud Contract (Again) After Lengthy Battle
After a drawn-out, two year battle filled with politics and controversy, Microsoft is again awarded the Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud Contract.