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Deploy And Scale Services Using GKE To Meet Evolving Business Demands

Deploy And Scale Services Using GKE To Meet Evolving Business Demands

About the Client

Our client is a prominent US-based supermarket chain leveraging technology capabilities to offer a superior customer experience and a compelling product differentiation to customers by offering value services such as online ordering and home delivery.

Business Challenge

The established retailer confronted challenges pertaining to the rapidly changing business and technology demands. Their application and website witnessed spikes based on promotions and seasonality and required support to handle the situation.

In order to achieve this, the client approached d3v Technology Solutions to address the following requirements:

  • To be able to scale up/down during peak loads and idle periods
  • Easily roll out new features / updates
  • Reduce Operations Spend


Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) was an ideal solution for these business challenges. A multi-zonal GKE cluster (to handle zonal outages) was set up with connectivity to a managed Cloud SQL database. In addition, several compelling tools, such as Skaffold, facilitated the need to deploy frequent software updates to the GKE Cluster.

Leveraging Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) feature in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) application helped to scale out when there was demand and scale down during an idle period. GKE is an open source container orchestrator that can run anywhere: on premises, VM, public cloud, etc.


The move to GCP empowered the client to integrate new services and features with their platform rapidly and meet the evolving business demands. The solution also helped the customer save on costs during idle periods and scale up during peak traffic.

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