Accelerate and Innovate Through a Modernized Cloud Infrastructure

Accelerate and Innovate Through a Modernized Cloud Infrastructure

The Accelerate State of DevOps Report collects data from over 31,000 professionals worldwide and is "the largest and longest-running research of its kind". In 2019, one of the key findings of the report was that the cloud is the key differentiator between elite performers and low performers.

And in case you're wondering how big of a difference there was - it was significant to say the least:

Comparing the elite group against the low performers, we find that elite performers have.

  • Throughput
    • 208 times more frequent code deployments
    • 106 times faster lead time from commit to deploy
  • Stability
    • 2604 times faster time to recover from incidents
    • 7 times lower change failure rate (changes are 1/7 times likely to fail)

But there’s more...

Benefits of a Modern Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing isn’t new. A large proportion of cloud-based businesses adopted the technology a decade ago and have never looked back. But cloud computing has changed significantly in the past few years with more powerful machines, better pricing, and hundreds of tools that improve application development and enable innovation.

And as hard as it is to accept change, modernizing your cloud infrastructure should be a top priority because it offers benefits like:

1. Reducing time-to-market

The Early bird sure gets the worm. But in a competitive world, it needs to be consistent to survive and that’s exactly what the cloud allows businesses to achieve - consistency. From microservices that allow remote teams and easy updates to automated delivery pipelines that test updates for you, a modern cloud infrastructure offers numerous innovative solutions to help you deliver products faster and without error.

2. Saving time by reducing bottlenecks

According to the 80-20 rule, 80% of the tasks in a modern enterprise are mundane, repetitive, and lead to just 20% of the revenues - they’re also notorious for bottlenecking productivity and keeping employees from working at their full potential. Thankfully, cloud computing offers hundreds of solutions to help reduce the workload and save time through automation. For instance, by modernizing your Google cloud infrastructure, you can leverage artificial intelligence to do more with less (more on this later).

3. Saving (a lot of) money

Thanks to years of refinement and economics of scale, cloud computing has become extremely affordable in 2020. That means if you’re still on an older, unoptimized platform you could be paying a lot more in cloud spend than you have to. Doing as little as changing payment plans and making use of new offers can potentially cut your cloud spend by half!

5 Ways to Modernize a Cloud Infrastructure

Let’s make one thing clear - modernization isn’t the same as a technological overhaul. Making even small changes can help you modernize your infrastructure and improve performance. To help you get started, here are 5 ways in which you can modernize your existing cloud infrastructure:

1. Containerization / Microservices

If you’re still on a monolithic architecture in 2020, containerization is arguably one of the most powerful changes you can make to your cloud infrastructure. Containerization allows you to simplify and speed up application deployment and management through microservices. Chances are you’ve heard of the extremely popular Kubernetes system - it is used to manage, automate, securely scale-up application development through microservices.

2. Adopting DevOps

Cloud infrastructure extends beyond machinery, it includes the working environment and the workers within it. DevOps (Development + operations) is an application development methodology (based on agile development) that focuses on bringing together the development team (the people that write the application) and the operations team (the people that operate it). It might seem obvious for these two teams to work together but without the right tools and infrastructure, it becomes very difficult to achieve perfect harmony.

Application development on the cloud through things like serverless, microservices, and cloud-native practices can help you adopt DevOps in your company and ensure that you beat your competition to the market every time.

3. Automate and leverage artificial intelligence

Cloud service providers like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and their partners have tools and services that cater specifically to businesses that are looking to modernize their existing infrastructure and reduce cloud costs. One of the most popular and efficient methods is automation and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence integrated with business process automation helps reduce workload, save time, eliminate human error, cut down costs, and more.

4. Switch to hybrid cloud

Public cloud isn’t the go-to platform for growing companies anymore - it’s hybrid cloud (also known as multi-cloud). Hybrid cloud brings the best of public and private clouds in one affordable package, offering increased security, greater testing capabilities, and a consistent application development environment with lower operational overhead.

5. Use analytics to drive future growth

Big data analytics can be the difference between million-dollar profits and million-dollar losses. How? By constantly monitoring hundreds of performance metrics, not only within your business but also outside it, processing that information, and providing you with valuable insights that help you make data-driven decisions.

Get Started with Modernizing Your Cloud Infrastructure

Optimal cloud implementation and usage is one of the biggest drivers of innovation, helps reduce costs all around the organization, empowers the organization to accelerate in competitiveness as well as caters to increasing customer demands. But best of all - it’s easy to get started with.

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