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Leverage proven big data practices to gain real-time insights and make data-driven decisions.

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Smart Analytics Solutions Made for Your Unique Business

Audit Existing Data Audit Existing Data

Smart Analytics Solutions Made for Your Unique Business

It isn’t just enterprises that have the resources for big data analytics. The typical company in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market has access to nearly 200 terabytes of data - but only a fraction of it is actually harnessed to create innovative advantages. With big data analytics, you can do more..

D3V’s team of certified cloud engineers can help you utilize the hundreds of gigabytes of data your business collects every day and process it to drive innovation and decisions. We build data analytics solutions ranging from data management tools to ML-powered predictive insights and everything in between.

D3V’s analytics solutions are built on Google’s fast and scalable Cloud Platform to meet your business’ growing needs.

Monitor your growth closely and accurately

Monitor your growth closely and accurately

Even during slow months, businesses collect a lot of important data about customer preferences, market health, sales, production, productivity, and more. During growth phases, the amount of data that needs to be managed and analyzed grows exponentially - how do you stay on top of it and ensure nothing is missed out?

Through smart analytics.

Manual data analytics is counter-effective and downright impossible for most modern businesses. Analyzing gigabytes and terabytes of data in hours if not minutes means you need computing power - and a lot of it. Thankfully, cloud computing has made this challenge a lot easier to tackle.

Together with D3V, you can custom-build data analytics solutions that tackle your business’ unique needs.

Data Management and Cleansing

Collect, structure, and cleanse large datasets according to custom parameters. Establish a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) to improve transparency and cross-functional productivity.

Real-time Analytics

Leverage the power of Stream Analytics by analyzing millions of data points in real-time.

ML and AI-based Predictive Analysis

Integrate Google’s industry-leading machine learning and AI tools into your own data analytics solution to get faster and more accurate insights.

Warehouse Modernization

Supply chain and warehouse management are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to predict with hundreds of moving elements. Modernize your supply chain and warehouse management capabilities by leveraging advanced, real-time analytics and forecasting.

Big Data Analytics

Use data analytics to measure and improve your business’ productivity, profitability, security, and risk management as well as with customer targeting, marketing, and market analysis.

Monitor Security Vulnerabilities

Even the most advanced security programs need to be monitored to ensure you haven’t been outsmarted. Closely monitor millions of transactions in real-time to identify abnormal behaviors and prevent fraud proactively.

No Infrastructure, No Fixed Costs

No Infrastructure, No Fixed Costs

You’re not dealing with just customers anymore - you’re dealing with smartphones, computers, web browsers, and hundreds of more sources of data. With every potential customer, you are flooded with data. But finding data was never the issue - it was always managing it.

Collecting, managing, and analyzing requires a lot of storage and computing power. Having such capabilities on-premises can quickly become extremely expensive even during slow months because of the fixed costs of computer and hardware staff.

Cloud computing on the other hand is affordable - a lot more affordable. With no fixed costs, virtually limitless scaling, and extremely business-friendly pricing, cloud computing can reduce data analytics costs to a fraction of your current expenditure.

Simplify Big Data Analytics in 3 Steps:

Simplify Big Data Analytics in 3 Steps:

1. Audit

It’s important to establish a baseline to measure future progress. More importantly, your business likely already contains gigabytes upon gigabytes of valuable raw data. So the first step to creating long-lasting advantages with big data analytics is to process critical information that already exists in the business. To create a baseline, our team of certified professionals will do a comprehensive audit of existing data in different areas of your business including HR, CRM, sales as well as competitor audits.

Knowing where you stand is an important step in any digital transformation. By auditing existing data we can also ensure no opportunities are lost.

2. Set up automated workflows

If during the audit our engineers find potential sources of important information (like seasonal factors, marketing campaigns, or customer loyalty programs) that aren’t already monitored, we'll set up new data collection points that will automatically bring you information to empower your decisions.

One of the most important parts of the framework upon which we’ll build your data analytics platform is Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We'll identify and connect KPIs from important business functions like areas like sales, marketing, customer relations management, and production to create a comprehensive, unified network of data collection points that collects and manages all key business information in one place, based on the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) model.

3. Create an easy-to-use package

Part of the reason big data analytics is often ignored is because of the misconception that big data analytics requires constant effort and monitoring - that's untrue. Our Certified Professional Data Engineers can automate the process of data collection and analysis by setting up data engineering pipelines so you directly get processed information instead of having to go through gigabytes of data.

More importantly, our engineers will build all of this in an easy-to-use package that can be used with popular data visualization tools. By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to view all of the crucial information, insights, and data on popular BI/data visualization tools like Tableau, Looker, Qlik, Google Sheets, and even ANSI SQL.

Big data analytics also goes hand-in-hand with artificial intelligence and machine learning which means that once you set up your machine learning models and automated workflows, advanced data analytics become extremely intuitive.

Stay Ahead of the Competition Through Data-Driven Decisions.

Stay Ahead of the Competition Through Data-Driven Decisions.

Big data analytics has never been more important or more accessible. Our team of experts can help you harness your terabytes of data through a number of proven cloud tools, services and methods to make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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