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A very common misconception today is that digital transformations are synonymous with disruption to the workplace. However, cloud migrations and digital transformation, in general, do quite the opposite.

Migrating to the cloud allows businesses to prepare and equip themselves to fight off the disruption introduced by competitive market forces. And nearly every business is utilizing cloud services to reduce costs and risks while improving market reach, customer support, employee productivity, efficiency, and more.

In a nutshell, if you’re not using cloud services to improve your business - you’re losing out because your competitor may be building one competitive advantage after another using the cloud.


At the surface, cloud migration and cloud services might seem tremendously complicated but the core principle is simple:

Cloud migration aims to replace traditional on-premises IT solutions with cloud-based solutions to make your business faster, safer, more efficient, and more affordable.


Why should a business move a cloud-based ecosystem?

There are hundreds of reasons for this but the biggest ones are:

Cost Benefits Versatility Security Ease of Use Innovation


How does a business move a cloud-based ecosystem?

As with anything else, there is more than one way to go about it.

We have a comprehensive cloud migration process tailored around individual businesses that begins with developing a complete cloud migration roadmap.

Reduce Costs and Risks

In 2020, simply being on the cloud isn't enough - your cloud infrastructure must be secure and be custom-built according to your business operations and goals.

On-premises solutions = fixed costs. You’ll always be paying the same amount regardless of how much you’re earning. Even when you’re not serving a single customer, you’re paying in full. And if, through the magic of viral marketing, you get more visitors than your servers can handle, you run the risk of losing customers, or worse, having a system-wide crash.

Cloud migration = pay for what you use. Cloud migration brings business owners a wonderful thing that is the “pay-per-use” pricing scheme which means that compute and storage automatically scales up and down based on the amount of traffic/requests. And since you have hundreds of thousands of computers at your disposal, you can scale to the moon and back without worrying about system overloads.

Still choosing between migration strategies, cloud vendors, dozens of plans, and hundreds of different configurations can be daunting. That’s why we’ll help you find the right configurations and ensure your infrastructure is in the most cost-effective setup possible. More importantly, no corners will be cut when it comes to security so you can have unmatched reliability.

Improve Performance and Efficiency

Technology can be complicated, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for any lack of performance. No matter how complicated or technical, our team of certified engineers will help you remove any guesswork in your cloud migration and build your ecosystem on years of expertise and cloud best practices.

Through one-on-one brainstorming and discovery sessions, our engineers will help you identify problems and evaluate potential solutions, and choose the best one, whether it's a sophisticated transformation or a simple lift-and-shift. We’ll develop and use a migration roadmap to guide our efforts to ensure that with every step, we come closer to achieving your business objectives.





Cloud vendors like Google Cloud have hundreds of cloud products and configuration options that allow you to customize your cloud ecosystem to incredible detail. However, all of this can be overwhelming for a developer without in-depth cloud knowledge.

That’s why D3V has a team of engineers who work exclusively with companies for cloud migration and management. Our engineers will help you understand and choose from the hundreds of options, refactor your internal code, and continue to optimize it until peak performance has been achieved and your application offers the same usability your customers know and love but with better performance and greater efficiency.

D3V is a versed in all major cloud vendors, as well as is a Google Cloud Partner. Our engineers have a deep understanding of the cloud and will use this expertise to translate your business goals into operational efficiency.

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Cloud is dynamic and can be changed as your business expands and so do your requirements. However, the entire point of migrating to the cloud is to free up resources and manpower. That’s why your cloud doesn’t need management - it can be self-managed through the solutions of tools, services and monitoring systems.

Replace Ongoing Management with Innovation

Managing your IT infrastructure can be expensive and time-consuming but things don’t have to be that way. D3V develops cloud-based solutions that simplify IT processes and give businesses the freedom to focus on core activities while their IT infrastructure continues to do its job without constant human intervention.

360° Management for Peace of Mind

Your IT infrastructure extends to nearly every aspect of your business from app development to finance and legal compliance. But micro-managing every single process is counter-intuitive and stands in the way of innovation. That’s why we use Google’s roster of hundreds of cloud services to build self-managed cloud solutions that take care of everything from development to security and everything in between.

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DevOps: Development in Tandem with Operations

Leverage a wide range of fully-managed cloud services to ensure that your Development teams are always working in tandem with your Operations team.

Modern protocols and techniques such as serverless infrastructures, Kubernetes, automation, and many more allow developers to fully leverage the DevOps way of programming and ensure innovative products and features can be released as soon as possible (with Continuous Integration).

Get started with DevOps to create agile, easily upgradable, resilient, and extremely scalable products.

Rest Easy with Support Services

D3V is a certified Google Cloud partner that follows a holistic, goal-driven, zero micro-management approach that allows us to build reliable cloud-based solutions to bring our clients’ cloud vision to reality. We leverage our cloud expertise and best practices to create a cloud ecosystem where your team can focus on the core areas of your business while D3V’s cloud specialists manage your cloud-based applications.

From one-on-one consultations and brainstorming sessions to regular reports and 24/7 support - you'll have a team that's just as dedicated to your business as you are.

Explore Cloud Migration and Managed Services

Cloud migration and the subsequent management can be a challenge due to the sheer complexity involved. Our goal is to simplification. We can guide you in your cloud migration journey and work with you at every step to identify problems, define objectives, and develop solutions that are tailored to your business’ long-term goals.

Step 1:

Free strategic consultation

Step 2:

Develop a cloud migration roadmap

Step 3:

Realize your cloud vision

Discover and fully harness the world of cloud-based services with D3V.

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