Google Cloud for Small & Medium Businesses

Scalability is a pressing concern for every SMB owner. As customers grow, so does the need for secure and scalable infrastructure.

Google Cloud is the real game changer in terms of cost-effective and seamless tools for your business to scale rapidly. Gain a competitive edge by leveraging Google’s renowned cloud services.

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About This Whitepaper

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) empowers SMBs to make the leap that matters - this whitepaper explains how.

Come as you are: GCP welcomes your legacy on-premise infrastructure so that you can protect your investment while implementing a multi-cloud strategy.

Reliability: Uptime is as critical to your business as water is to fish. GCP sets the bar with 99.95% availability. As a result, your business can focus on what truly matters: Building products and services that people love.

Innovation: The GCP is easy-to-use and enables SMBs to leverage built-in AI/ML tools. In a data-rich world where your company’s success depends on how you deal with data - GCP is your ally.

Google Cloud for Small & Medium Businesses

Key Takeaways

  • Build upon your existing legacy infrastructure by adopting a multi-cloud strategy.
  • Scale with confidence thanks to Google Cloud’s incredible reliability and up-times.
  • Google Cloud features several open-source tools for SMBs to adopt and implement quickly.
  • Innovation doesn’t necessarily require a steep learning curve: The GCP offers an easy-to-use platform topped with data analytics and built-in AI & ML tools for improving efficiency and reducing GTM.
  • Security isn’t a nice-to-have feature but a must-have. Google Cloud runs on a private physical network to keep your SMB data encrypted and highly secure.

Download the Free Whitepaper

Case Studies

Still not impressed?

This whitepaper describes how three enterprises heightened their backend performance and customer experience using Google Cloud.

  • Read how an app provider leveraged Google Cloud to deal with unexpected traffic surges.
  • Discover how a digital healthcare provider switched to Google Cloud for administration applications. MyDoc joined hands with GCP to revitalize their application performance and customer experience.
  • Unravel the secret behind a textile manufacturer’s venture into online retail. Discover how GCP enabled the SMB to predict inventory demand and slash inventory carryovers.

Grow Your Business With Google Cloud

For SMBs and startups, upfront costs are a nightmare. Google Cloud simplifies pricing by introducing a pay-as-you-model - ideal for small enterprises looking to scale. They simplify cost management with built-in reports, custom dashboards, and flexible billing options.

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