A conversation small businesses need to have.

More small businesses leverage the cloud today than ever. It’s a major technological leap. Unfortunately, however, it’s not all business owners expected it to be.
They made a big investment but the improvements aren’t as dramatic as they were promised. The problem lies in cloud optimization and SMBs never having the “what’s next” conversation after migration.
So, let’s start that conversation.

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About the workshops

When it comes to making the most out of the cloud, there is a lot to talk about. We could cram it all into a one-day crash course but we want it to be an enjoyable and two-way learning experience for everyone involved. So the workshop is split into two sessions.

After the initial introductions during the first day, we’ll dive right into the meat of the conversation - how to harness the true power of cloud computing. The goal of the entire workshop is to provide decision makers with actionable advice on how to optimize the cloud infrastructure for their day-to-day business operations.

It’s important to establish your business needs & goals early in the workshop so we can find areas that’ll have the most meaningful impact on your cloud infrastructure.

First session

  • Company Introduction
  • Overview of Company Challenges and Goals
  • Break down of the DevOps methodology
  • Where to go (setting SMART goals)
  • How to get there (identifying potential solutions)

Second session

  • Detailed analysis of cloud solutions
  • Cost breakdown
  • Understanding who you need (workforce and workload analysis)
  • Creating a cloud roadmap for your business
  • Final Q&A and additional resources

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What Will Be Addressed?


Find Ways to Bring Down Costs

Simply changing what plan you choose and how billing is set up can bring down costs by up to 30%.


How to Become an Elite Cloud Performer

Learn how to achieve:
973x more frequent code deployments
6,570x faster lead time
6,570x faster time to recover
7x lower change failure rate


How to Identify Underused and Misused Resources

The GCP ecosystem consists of over 100 services, many of which are dedicated to fine-tuning your cloud infrastructure.

You, us, and two days of busting Google Cloud myths

In just the last three years, cloud development has changed dramatically - for the better. But there are still numerous misconceptions around cloud optimization and making the most out of your cloud infrastructure. One of which is, “isn’t cloud migration enough?”

The truth is, it’s not enough.

We know this first hand because we’ve helped hundreds of businesses breathe new life into their cloud infrastructure by making it more efficient for their business operations while bringing down costs.

And now we’re bringing this expertise to you with a one-on-one two-part workshop where D3V’s cloud consultants and engineers walk you through the Google Cloud Platform and how you can use it to solve your exact problems.