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Innovative Multi-Tenant Solution For DARI Motion Cuts Cloud Spend By 70%


DARI Motion is the world’s only FDA-certified markerless motion analytics solutions provider. The company helps hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers, patients, military personnel, and athletes take better care of their bodies and avoid musculoskeletal injuries.

To help DARI Motion cater to its growing clientele and ensure they have uninterrupted access to their biomechanical database of more than 400 billion data points (largest in the world), D3V came up with an innovative multi-tenant solution that helped cut down cloud costs by up to 70%.

20%–33% of people across the globe live with a painful musculoskeletal condition. DARI Motions helps healthcare institutions around the world help overcome these injuries through 3D validated kinematic and kinetic motion analytics without the use of any sensors, markers, or force plates.

The Challenge

Security and operational efficiency are the top priorities for DARI Motion, a company that handles confidential data from clients like the United States Air Force. However, its existing cloud solution relied on 3 GCE VMs to run services for its 80 customers which resulted in 240 active GCE VMs and the costs were increasing with every new customer.

Being the pioneers in markerless motion analytics, DARI Motion needed a solution that improved security and operational efficiency without disrupting its existing clients and their data.

Our Solution

D3V certified cloud engineers began with a comprehensive cloud assessment that helped identify the biggest culprit in unnecessary cloud spend: redundant resources like unused VMs. Using a managed instance group with Google Compute Engine, D3V engineers were able to reduce the number of VMs required with minimal refactoring and disruption.

In order to further improve efficiency and complement the managed instance group (MIG) setup, D3V engineers set up autoscaling and auto-healing to ensure DARI Motion would be able to handle unexpected increases in traffic in a cost-efficient manner.

Key Accomplishments

Significant Cost Savings

After a brainstorming session with DARI Motion, we did a comprehensive cloud assessment to identify and eliminate redundant resources. During the audit, our engineers came up with a clever multi-tenant solution that was able to reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 70% for DARI Motion.

Greater Operational Efficiency

Cloud spend was reduced at DARI Motion not by cutting down cloud storage or compute power, but through innovative and complete utilization of resources.

Through the right MIG setup, the company is not only able to handle its current clientele at a reduced cost but all future clients too as operational efficiency will scale with the company.

Simplified Workflows

Onboarding new clients and deploying new updates to existing ones have never been easier. The new MIG setup greatly simplifies the work involved in setting up new VMs for future clients and also when making changes to existing ones.

Minimal Refactoring of Code

One of the key requirements for this project was minimal disruption. We were able to achieve this by choosing a Managed Instance Group (MIG) instead of AppEngine/CloudRun. In the end, DARI Motion’s cloud setup was improved enormously with virtually no hit on productivity.

Implementation of Powerful Cloud Features

To get the most out of their Google Cloud, DARI Motion is now using auto-scaling and auto-healing features in the MIG setup that allows them to scale efficiently according to the traffic and workloads.

This also makes the VMs more resilient to unexpected increases in workloads.