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D3V is a Google Cloud Partner. This means we have the expertise to accelerate your business through GCP.

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Application Modernization

As an official Google Cloud Partner, D3V brings to the table a unique blend of intimate knowledge, years of practical know-how, and best practices derived from hundreds of cloud-based solutions. We hold Google Cloud Expertise in Google Cloud Compute, Google Cloud Databases, VM Migration, Modernize Legacy Applications, and Cloud Native Application Development.

Why Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the biggest cloud platforms in the world, enabling businesses to run their IT operations from the same resilient servers that power some of the most used applications including YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps. Not only that, Google Cloud offers a vast cloud ecosystem containing hundreds of powerful cloud services for big data analytics, marketing, security, cloud storage, remote working, and more - assisting businesses in strengthening their business functions and IT management.

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Reliability, quick access to innovation, top-of-the-line and always improving security, economics of scale allow for the best cost efficiency and securely work from anywhere with quick and easy collaboration - just a few surface level reasons why organizations from startups to enterprise choose Google Cloud. Compare the major cloud vendors

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Legacy and on-premises IT systems are fundamentally more expensive than cloud-based systems because of different expenditure models as the former requires a significant capital investment in the form of computer hardware and software licensing fees. Furthermore, the entire responsibility for maintenance and upkeep falls on the business, in addition to the normal operating costs.

In contrast, Google Cloud is revolutionizing how IT systems operate with its affordable pay-per-use pricing. In essence, the core Google Cloud services such as Google Cloud Compute and Cloud Storage (and many other services) all have a usage-based pricing model which means there are no fixed costs and businesses only pay when their services are being used. This results in significant reductions in operating costs, especially for businesses with variable or spikey demand. The powerful servers and wide range of additional services also mean that businesses save a fortune on hardware and licensing costs.

Become Resilient and Scalable

In addition to the cost reduction, Google Cloud brings what is a significant upgrade of computing power and availability to almost all small-medium-enterprises. Unlike on-premises IT where you are limited to the owned hardware, Google Cloud brings almost unlimited flexibility in terms of hardware options and configurations. More than that, Google’s vast servers ensure you can scale to the Moon and back.

At the same time, Google’s guaranteed service level agreement (SLA) ensures that you get that extreme scalability without any hiccups or unscheduled downtime.

Modernize Infrastructures and Applications

Most businesses today are held back by their old infrastructure and monolithic applications. These systems do not work very well with modern devices, offer limited scalability, and scope for future upgrades. However, most importantly of all, legacy IT infrastructures and monolithic applications cause frequent issues leading to downtime. Making things worse is their lack of diagnostics tools which makes debugging take more time - keeping you out of business for longer.

On the other hand, modernization and migration brings you onto Google Cloud where you can optimize your infrastructure and applications to perform the best they can on modern hardware and software including modern smartphones and web browsers. In most cases, the upfront modernization cost is dwarfed by the overall cost savings that come with added functionality and significantly reduces failures.

Strengthen Security and Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Security poses a major challenge for most small-medium-enterprises (SMEs) especially legacy SMEs with older hardware/software and businesses handling sensitive or personally identifiable data. With global privacy laws becoming stricter, even the smallest of security mishaps can cause hundreds of dollars in fines and reimbursements. And the truth is that most legacy SMEs aren’t equipped to deal with current-day threats to on-premises hardware.

As a result, cloud computing is generally a much safer option. Even right out of the box, Google Cloud will be more expensive than most on-premises legacy solutions because of Google’s in-built security protocols that are applied to all users (same protocols that protect services like Gmail). Additionally, businesses have the flexibility to fully customize their security policies with granular access to Identity and Access Management, firewalls, automated triggers and responses, data recovery, and more.

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  • Being a Google Cloud Partner

    Being a Google Cloud Partner means that D3V is certified by Google to implement advanced cloud solutions in a business. D3V engineers and developers hold numerous certifications that help them specialize in different areas of cloud computing and business operations. Furthermore, the years of experience and technical know-how we hold enable us to better assess your business challenges as well as find the best way to overcome them. D3V also has proven customer success across a range of industries and cloud challenges.

    About Google Cloud Partner Expertises

    A Google Cloud Partner Expertise indicates that a partner has demonstrated customer success in specific products, workloads and/or industries. This judgement is based on a set of defined requirements by Google. Explore our Google Cloud Partner Directory to see specific case studies and learn more about D3V’s Google Cloud Expertises.

    Go Further with a Google Cloud Partner

    Google Cloud has, for all intents and purposes, the capability to transform numerous core business functions - from how you manage your IT and how your teams work in collaboration to the way you spend your IT budget and how you innovate. The potential is there, you just need to put the platform to work - and who better to guide your organization than a team that Google Cloud established as a partner. The following are some ways a Google Cloud Partner can guide you in harnessing GCP to transform your businesses.

    Application Modernization

    Application Modernization

    One of our main areas of expertise is application modernization. App modernization involves a rigorous process of identifying the problems faced by a business in their legacy applications and overcoming those problems by migrating the application to the cloud. Depending on the business objectives and state of the legacy application, our Google certified consultants help businesses choose the right modernization strategy.

    Our team also provides infrastructure modernization services where we help modernize and optimize the IT infrastructure (the backend and architecture that runs applications). Some of the benefits of the updated infrastructure include far greater scalability, increased automation, added functionality (security, debugging, business intelligence, and more), resilience to failures, and fewer failures in general. More on App Modernization

    Application Modernization

    Cloud-Native App Development

    In addition to modernizing existing applications, we also help businesses build cloud-native applications from scratch. Cloud-native applications are a breed of applications that use the latest cloud architectures and design patterns to make the most out of a cloud platform like GCP.

    Cloud-native applications squeeze every bit of performance while staying characteristically resilient to all sorts of failures and attacks. Additionally, cloud-native applications are also the most compatible for integrations with GCP services that further future-proof the application’s long-term viability and add more features to it in the short-term. More on Cloud-Native Applications

    Application Modernization

    VM Migration

    VM stands for virtual machines which are the main unit of computation in cloud computing. In essence, each virtual machine (VM) is a mini-computer with all of the components to perform complex (as well as simple) workloads. Google Cloud Platform offers incredible flexibility in how businesses configure these VMs which is one of the main reasons businesses migrate to VMware-based operations - and we help them do just that.

    VM migration is a complex process that begins with identifying the business’ existing workload requirements and creating a migration strategy that aligns with the business’ goals. Our goal at D3V is to simplify this process and provide businesses with the information they require to improve their security, networking, monitoring, disaster recovery, and maintenance. More on Cloud Migration and Management

    Application Modernization


    DevOps stands for Development-Operations, which is the dominant application development and software engineering methodology of this decade. In many ways, DevOps is an extension of the more popular Agile methodology of development. The premise behind DevOps is to improve collaboration and productivity between the Development teams and Operations teams - both of which set up against each other in traditional IT infrastructures.

    We help businesses deploy a number of solutions such as CI/CD pipelines, feedback loops, and automation to bridge the gap between these two teams and ensure they work with each other instead of competing with each other. With the right DevOps implementations, businesses are able to reduce failure rates and time-to-market and increasing the average number of successful deployments exponentially (hundreds of times greater efficiency). More about DevOps on GCP

    Application Modernization

    Dialogflow Integration

    Dialogflow is one of the most advanced conversational AI platforms that is being used by businesses to build advanced, lifelike virtual agents that can replace human customer service representatives for an incredible variety of tasks. Google Dialogflow uses Google’s own language model developed in-house along with a powerful natural-language-understanding (NLU) engine to handle complex conversations with customers.

    Our Dialogflow engineers can build and deploy these conversational agents on a wide range of platforms as well as your website to give customers 24/7 access to instant customer service. We can also add advanced features that add additional functionality to increase the things your conversational agent can be effectively used for. More on Dialogflow

    Application Modernization

    Big Data Analytics with AI and Machine Learning

    Artificial intelligence may have been a buzzword (the buzziest of all, even) but it’s one of the fastest-growing technologies today, being adopted by businesses across all industries. Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that is being used for another major technology - big data analytics. Big data analytics is the process of using AI to process extremely large data sets and derive important data from them.

    Google has its own suite of services for big data analytics, giving business access to extremely powerful tools for identifying key trends and insights. We use Google’s computing services to automate analytics along with business intelligence (BI) tools so you can make data-driven decisions at all times. More on Big Data Analytics

    Build Resilient IT Solutions with a GCP Partner

    D3V is a Dallas-based cloud engineering firm, using the Google Cloud Platform to build resilient and creative IT solutions to both common and not-so-common business challenges of the modern world. D3V’s team of cloud engineers, developers, and consultants work directly with businesses and IT teams on a one-to-one basis to understand the problems they are facing and ensure the solutions we deploy are in line with your company’s long-term objectives. Learn about how we work to better understand how we can fulfil your business’ skill-set/staffing needs in a timely and hassle-free manner

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