The Definitive Guide to Modernizing Applications

Application modernization has set in motion the single, largest shift in enterprise applications - migrating from costly, rigid architectures to the cloud-native ecosystem of the future.

Prepare for the biggest wave of cloud adoption. Explore every part of this complex journey - explained with a real application, modernized as the book progresses.

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About This eBook

The Definitive Guide to Modernizing Applications on Google Cloud is a book about transforming applications based on traditional architectures into cloud-native applications. The book is divided into four main sections and 18 chapters, covering every part of the modernization cycle - from the fundamental principles and best practices to the tools and services available to developers within the massive Google Cloud ecosystem.

The goal of the book is to not just give developers a rigid, to-do list for application modernization but rather the knowledge that they can apply to a myriad of projects and make their own decisions, ideal for each individual project. The book explores different technologies, approaches, and tools as well as their strengths and weaknesses - all of which achieve the same goal but through different means.

What does this book cover:

  • Cloud-native application fundamentals including core tenets, principles, and benefits of cloud-native architecture that are explained not only from a developer’s point of view but also from a business owner’s.
  • Cloud-Native architecture design patterns, their significance, and use cases, as well as the best practices to address a variety of development challenges, business needs, and platform requirements.
  • End-to-end extensible tooling and the different Compute, Storage, Messaging, and Security options available within the Google Cloud ecosystem. The book explores more than a dozen services and third-party tools in detail.
  • In-depth explanations of how to modernize our legacy application through different means.
  • Our own test dummy - a monolithic Java Spring Boot application that we will use to demonstrate the different stages of application modernization.
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Understanding Principles And Reasoning

More than half of all enterprise applications are based on old, traditional architectures that are becoming costly, prone to failure, difficult to update, and vulnerable to malicious actors. The growing threats and the monolithic architecture’s inability to update and expand are forcing millions of enterprises around the world to seek a new, improved platform on which to build their new digital identity upon.

For developers, this creates both a new opportunity and a dilemma. This hot new job market calls for new knowledge and skills. The new skillset is based upon existing software development principles but it is not the same. In fact, many best practices in cloud-native development go directly in the face of the convention. Therefore, it’s not only important for developers to learn the new tools and services but also their real-world business applications.

This book is written with that twin goal in mind, to impart not only technical skills but also provide developers with insights on how to make decisions and lead their own projects.

Breaking Down Modernization With A Real Example

A large part of this book is based on theoretical knowledge, as an encyclopedia of everything cloud-native, that developers can come back to and find answers. But an equally large part of the book is dedicated to actionable information that can be applied to the real world.

In fact, the authors of this book do just that by applying principles still fresh in our minds to a test dummy - monolithic Java Spring Boot application. Most of the key topics we discuss are demonstrated on this application and readers are encouraged to follow along on their own applications to fully grasp each topic.

Exploring Tools And Services That Make Life Easier

One of the best things about cloud-native development is just how developer-friendly it is. Especially Google Cloud which offers more than a hundred services dedicated to cloud-native development, including dozens launched specifically to make modernization faster and easier.

This book explores the different tools and services offered within Google Cloud’s ecosystem that developers will require are different stages of cloud-native development including Compute, Storage, Networking, and Security, Deployment, and more.

We also discuss third-party tools that can make life easier.

Meet The Authors

Steve (Satish) Sangapu is the founder and CEO of D3V Tech and the author of this book alongside D3V engineer Dheeraj Panyam and Cloud Solutions Architect Jason Marston.

Steve specializes in cloud-native modernization and migration and brings the expertise from working on thousands of transformation projects. As the founder of D3V, he also provides insight into how businesses view cloud-native development and modernization, what they value, and how developers can make better decisions when working with their clients.

Dheeraj is one of the chief cloud engineers and consultants at D3V with over 20 years of experience working in a wide variety of industries and diverse roles. He holds numerous Google Cloud certifications and shares his expertise in modern problem-solving and designing cloud solutions.

Jason has an equally decorated career as a Cloud Solution Architect, having worked with some of the biggest names in cloud computing including Microsoft where he led numerous projects. He brings over 30 years of experience working on and modernizing Java applications.