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The What, Why and How of Building Apps on the Cloud

93% of CIOs are adopting or considering the cloud. Learn how and why companies of all sizes are moving to this solution en masse.

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The Beauty of Cloud Native Applications

A decade ago, if you wanted to build an application, you went out and bought a computer, an operating system, wrote your program, and created your very own little data center. You would maintain it, keep it secure, and every once in a while expand it with more storage and computing power.

But now… now you have the cloud. That means when building a modern application, you don’t have to think about the infrastructure, the security protocols, or future scaling. That’s the short version of it.

In this eBook, we explore:

What is a Cloud Native Ecosystem

What are Cloud Native Applications

The Benefits of Cloud Native Applications

Whether to Refine or Rebuild Applications

The 6 R’s of Cloud Migration

Building Cloud Applications from Scratch

Cloud Native Tools and Features: AI, ML, Data Analytics

Specific Managed Services Provided By Google Cloud

Download the Free eBook