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Dallas welcomes the latest Google Cloud region
Google Cloud has recently launched a new cloud region in Dallas, Texas.
D3V Becomes Specialized in Google Cloud Application Development: How & What it Means
D3V has just been granted the Application Development Specialization by Google Cloud.
Key Findings from the FLEXERA™ 2022 State of the Cloud
Learn about the latest developments around cloud computing with key findings from this new report.
Microsoft Hybrid & Multi-cloud Perception Survey: An Understanding of the Findings
A closer look at the key findings from Microsoft’s recent cloud survey.
Findings: 2021 Accelerate State of DevOps Report
A DevOps Specialist’s take on the 2021 Accelerate State of DevOps Report.
Where Does TikTok’s US Ban Stand in 2021 After Failed Oracle Cloud Deal
Former President Donald Trump signed two Executive Orders that threatened to ban the popular short video app, TikTok - unless its parent company sold TikTok’s US operations to a US vendor.