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D3V Case Studies

Radiant Cloud Bulk Migrates Google Workspace Assets

Discover how D3V helped Radiant bulk migrate Google Workspace assets (including emails, calendars, and meetings).

DTR Reduces App Response Time and Strengthens Security Through Google Cloud and Firebase

How we guided DTR in Firebase architecture improvements, Backend feature development, performance optimization, and DevOps enhancements.

4K Migrates Workloads to GKE with CI/CD Automation

How we guided 4K in leveraging the power of DevOps through CI/CD automation to reduce time-to-market and operational overhead.

Zipi Improves DevOps to Fix Performance Bottlenecks and Optimize Google Cloud Application

How we guided Zipi in improving their DevOps practices to remove bugs and improve latency/scaling performance on their Google Cloud App.

PathDojo Improves Network Efficiency, Security and Flexibility through a Virtual Private Cloud

How we guided PathDojo in designing a secure serverless solution using advanced VPC features.

OSMix Music Begins a New Era of Serverless Audio Processing

How we guided OSMix Music in developing a reliable asynchronous event-based serverless solution to provide their customers with API access to process audio files.

Bedrock Real Property Services Migrate and Optimize Analytical Workloads in Just Five Days

How we guided a local Texas Real Estate Organization in migrating from AWS to GCP to reduce costs and improve security.

Multi-Billion Dollar Supermarket Chain Improves Performance, Security, and Application Scalability

How we guided a multi-billion dollar supermarket chain in achieving greater security, scalability, and 10X performance improvements.

BLI Rentals Improves Operational Efficiency Through Modernization

How we guided BLI Rentals to improve their operational efficiency and delivery pipelines.

Fabsystems Modernizes their Software to Optimize Costs, Flexibility and Scalability

How we guided Fabsystems in digitally transforming their software to cut costs, increase performance and reduce time-to-market.

Innovative Multi-Tenant Solution for DARI Motion Cuts Cloud Spend by 70%

How we guided DARI Motion in reducing their operating costs for the world’s largest biomechanical database with over 400,000,000,000 data points.

What Our
Clients Are
Constrained with time and budget, we were in search of an experienced technology partner who could navigate through the migration work quickly and effectively. With D3V, we found the right experts who exceeded our expectations and got the job done in no time.
We used D3V to help us launch our app. They built the front end using React and then pushed to native versions of iOS and Android. Our backend was using AWS and Google Firebase for messaging. They were knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient. We will continue to use them in the future and have recommended their services to others looking for outside guidance.
We had an idea and D3V nailed it. Other vendors that we had worked with did not understand what we were trying to do - which was not the case with D3V. They worked with us through weekly meetings to create what is now the fastest and most accurate steel estimating software in the world. Could not have asked for anything better - what a Team!
Working with D3V was hands down one of the best experiences we’ve had with a vendor. After partnering, we realized right away how they differ from other development teams. They are genuinely interested in our business to understand what unique tech needs we have and how they can help us improve.
Our experience with D3V was fantastic. Their team was a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, and explained everything to us very clearly and concisely. We are very happy with the outcome of this project!
Protecting our customers data & providing seamless service to our customers was our top priority, which came at a cost. We are very satisfied with the cost savings & operational efficiency that D3V has achieved by optimizing our current setup. We’re excited about future opportunities for improvements through deriving insights from our 400 million biomechanics data points.
Bedrock Real Property Services Founder

Dr. A. Ason Okoruwa

President, Bedrock Real Property Services


David Brotton

CEO & Founder, Squirrelit

FabSystems Inc

Terry Thornberg

CEO, Fabsystems Inc.

BLI Rentals

Lee Zimbelman

IT Director, BLI Rentals

Osmix Music

Jared Forman

CEO & Co-Founder, OSMix Music

Dari Motion

Ryan Moodie

Founder, DARI Motion

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