Case Studies

Transforming companies into industry leaders.

4K Migrates Workloads to GKE with CI/CD Automation
How we guided 4K in leveraging the power of DevOps through CI/CD automation to reduce time-to-market and operational overhead.
Zipi Improves DevOps to Fix Performance Bottlenecks and Optimize Google Cloud Application
How we guided Zipi in improving their DevOps practices to remove bugs and improve latency/scaling performance on their Google Cloud App.
PathDojo Improves Network Efficiency, Security and Flexibility through a Virtual Private Cloud
How we guided PathDojo in designing a secure serverless solution using advanced VPC features.
OSMix Music Begins a New Era of Serverless Audio Processing
How we guided OSMix Music in developing a reliable asynchronous event-based serverless solution to provide their customers with API access to process audio files.
Bedrock Real Property Services Migrate and Optimize Analytical Workloads in Just Five Days
How we guided a local Texas Real Estate Organization in migrating from AWS to GCP to reduce costs and improve security.
Multi-Billion Dollar Supermarket Chain Improves Performance, Security, and Application Scalability
How we guided a multi-billion dollar supermarket chain in achieving greater security, scalability, and 10X performance improvements.