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Big Data Analytics Helps to Quantify the Role of Individuality in COVID-19 Response
Researchers from the University of Virginia conducted a project to study the correlational between regional individuality levels and responses to the coronavirus pandemic through big data analytics.
2020 Cloud Computing Survey Sheds Light on Cloud Adoption Tactics
IDG has released their Cloud Computing Survey findings for 2020, revealing much about the latest trends in cloud adoption.
Google Cloud Next ‘20 Announcements: BigQuery Omni and Confidential Virtual Machines
Google Cloud Next, Google Cloud’s largest annual tech conference, has announced industry-changing news.
Democratizing Data Through a National Research Cloud
Big tech and universities jointly push for a national could computing project.
Google Cloud Partners With WWF to Make Environmental Data Platform
Google Cloud announces partnership with WWF Sweden to create a data-driven decision making platform to ensure responsible sourcing in fashion.
D3V Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program
D3V Technology Solutions announces partnership with Google Cloud as a GCP service provider.